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In “Artmuvz Writes About Unicorns” we will explore conceptions about Unicorns.

Are there images of unicorns?
Existence of unicorns is shrouded in mystery. If you search the internet, you will find that there are thousands of pictures, mostly by artists from centuries past, current drawings and paintings of unicorns done by recent artists.The Irish Rovers even sang about them back in 1961. Today it is usually thought of as being white, built like a horse, with one horn depicted as white or gold.

Many have asked, Are there really unicorns?
Search for information concerning their origin and you will find thousands of articles talking about the vague history and symbolism. It is probably accurate to conclude that there is no way to validate the existence of these mythological creatures.This is not to say that they do not exist and never existed. Just that there is no proof one way or the other.

The horn is said to be spiraled, and is suggested to have magical powers. Legend has it that because of the belief that its horn had magical powers, such as being an aphrodisiac, it was hunted to extinction centuries ago. Sometimes you will see it depicted as having wings, which then makes it a pegasus with a horn on its forehead. Now you can find unicorns in many different colors, not just white. Some illustrations show them with beards, but the most common do not have beards.

Legend has it that they could only be tamed by a virgin. They have seemingly come to conjure up innocence and purity in the minds of anyone holding them close to their hearts. If you believe that they do exist, even if only in your imagination, you are a person who has a hopeful and positive outlook on life.

Keep believing in these mythological creatures, hold on to hope that the world is a good place. Hold innocence of unicorns in your heart.