Artmuvz Writes About Aliens

Where do Aliens come from:written by ArtMuvz Illustration

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In “Artmuvz Writes About Aliens” we will explore conceptions about Aliens.
First of all, Aliens are referred to as non earthly beings who have greater knowledge than men, but are not omniscient. The word Alien comes from the Latin alienus, meaning stranger, alien, foreign. Seems like these beings are described as probably having various colors, grey, red, green, white. There is often a glow or aura around their body.

Are there images of aliens?
Gray Aliens were reportedly found at the alleged crash landing of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Grays are named for their skin color.They are mostly referred to as extra-terrestrials.

Many have asked, Are there really aliens?
Most familiar alien is E.T, from the movie E.T. Extra Terrestrial.Seems like many people believe that they have seen aliens, and or spaceships moving across the sky in abnormal paths and movements. Furthermore there are documented sightings by pilots around the world. Also a US astronaut. Female or male, which is it, never been verified.

Has anyone ever seen an alien?
Seems like the public gets fuzzy signals about that. Where have aliens appeared? Supposedly they have appeared or spoken to various people around the world. Documented Crop circles, Egypt pyramids, Mexico, Arizona Area 51,Bermuda Triangle. We have free will and are not controlled by aliens. Yet there are articles stating alien abductions have occurred over time. Popular theory about alien abductions is that Aliens are interested in genetics of humans.
Many abductees have reported that they were abducted for testing and reproduction purposes. We don’t know whether aliens speak to us. We have no proof for or against. What does paranormal mean? Paranormal is above or beyond normal, unusual supernatural phenomena and forces or experiences that lack scientific proof or explanation. Friend or foe? Fly spaceships, time travel? What do they look like,do they have eyes, mouth, arms, legs, brains? Possess the ability to talk, Speak aloud, hear? Telecommunicate? ESP or Extra Sensory Perception?

Alien Documentary
There is mention of footage of a flying saucer landing that occurred at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico in 1964.

A few movies that show artistic versions of aliens.
Aliens,1986; The Day the Earth Stood Still,1951; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Men in Black; E.T.; The Day the Earth Stood Still (the original movie).
What is a UFO?
A UFO is an unidentified flying object, which can travel at light speed.

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