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ArtMuvz Writes About Angels: Has anyone ever seen an angel? Are there images of these beings? Visionaries and mystics have reported interactions with them. The earliest known Christian image is the Cubicolo dell Annunziazione in the Catacomb of Priscilla, which is dated to the middle of the third centuryWhere have they appeared? they speak to us? These beings can appear or speak to us in times of crisis and chaos. They can attempt to warn and guide by way of obstacles and changes in direction in our life path. We have free will and are not controlled by them, they can not force, only attempt to help. They can speak to those who meditate and pray and ask for guidance. What does paranormal mean? Paranormal is above or beyond normal, unusual supernatural phenomena and forces or experiences that lack scientific proof or explanation.Are there really guardian angels? Many people believe that they are watching over them to protect and defend them from harm. Probably the most familiar is found in the Bible in Luke 1:26 where the archangel Gabriel visits Mary (Mother of Jesus) to tell her she would be Blessed With Child. Hark the Herald Angels Sing refers to the Heavenly Angels and the night of the birth of the baby Jesus. Herald means to announce, an official who carries and delivers messages."
The duties are to be guides, messengers, guardians and protectors of earthly mortals.What is an Archangel? Archangels are of chief order or celestial hierarchy. Do they have rankings? The ones of high rank are called archangels. Seraphim are the first of the nine angelic orders. Are they warriors? Archangel Michael was said to be a warrior.Is Satan or Lucifer an angel? In the Bible in Revelation 12:4 When the archangel Satan fell, one third of them also fell,which in this instance means suffered defeat and lost their role in power from God. Pride caused Satans downfall. Satan is also known as Lucifer which means Light bearer.Is Saint Christopher? Saint Christopher was a martyr, the Catholic patron saint of travelers. Saint Christopher means Christ carrier.Archangel Gabriel means strength of God. Gabriel is one of several archangels mentioned in the Bible.Archangel Michael is said to be the chief commander, means like unto God. Defender in times of battle. Saint Michael is also called the good angel of death. Also referred to as the Grim Reaper.Are cherubs angels? Cherubs are in the second highest order, portrayed as innocent children with wings, and are most usually depicted on Valentines and romantic correspondence.The word cherub comes from the Greek cheroub and the Hebrew Kerub.Bible verse Psalms 91:11 He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.