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In “Artmuvz Writes About Fairies” we will explore conceptions about Fairies.Fairy derives from the Latin fata, from the Old French faerie, enchantment. No one knows for sure where fairies originated or even if they really existed.

Are there images of fairies?
There does not seem to be any valid fairy documentation, either in written form, photographs, nor family history such as diaries. There are no validated fairy fossils to date.Fairies are mythical creatures, there are old drawings, but nothing that can be definitely proven.

Many have asked, Are there really fairies?
The existence of fairies is shrouded in mystery. Search the internet,there are thousands of pictures of fairies, mostly by artists from centuries past, and current drawings and paintings of fairies done by recent artists. Ireland is shrouded in faery mystery and superstition.

Has anyone ever seen a fairy?
Today a fairy is usually thought of as having wings and possessing magic powers. Now you can find fairies depicted in many different ways. Some illustrations show fairies with wings,sometimes with a magic wand. Search for information concerning the origin of fairies and you will find thousands of articles talking about the vague history and symbolism of fairies. One can then conclude, probably accurately, there is no way to validate the existence of these mythological creatures called fairies.This is not to say that they do not exist and never existed. Just that there is no proof one way or the other.

Fairy tales usually involved a fairy, good fairy, fairy godmother. Children still are told stories about the tooth fairy. Legend has it that fairies could cast spells. If you believe that fairies do exist, even if only in your imagination, you are a person who has a hopeful and positive outlook on life.

Keep believing in the magic of fairies and fairy rings, hold on to the hope that the world is a good place. Hold the magic of fairies in your heart.