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Dorothy writes: Let me begin by saying that I am a genealogist,
have been interested in our family history since I was very young.
My Grandmother got me started doing research. Its in my blood.
I carry my family research books in my genealogy bag.
It was customized with my family name.
1954 Bike Custom t-shirt by ArtMuvz Illustration
Ron Wearing Custom Bike Shirt.
I had the year 1954 added because that was the year I got this bike.
I like my bike shirt, its fun to wear and most noteworthy
also because I get comments from people who remember this bike.
Kids Tote Bags
Ana Marie Jordan writes: ..searching for the right gifts
and found the Sail Boat Tote Bag for our curious adventure seeking daughter.
Knight Custom Name Tote Bag for our macho man son.
We had our bags personalized with their names. We loved the art.
Custom Wedding Gifts by ArtMuvz Illustration
Jayne and Jeff. holding their Wedding box and Golf Tile,
customized wedding presents made just for them.
They both love sports and are very active golfers.